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Tokyo Gas Group CSR Report 2016

CSR at the Tokyo Gas Group
CSR Promotion System and Its Implementation

CSR Promotion System

Tokyo Gas created a CSR promotion system by setting up a CSR Promotion Committee (chaired by the executive officer in charge of CSR) in October 2004 and establishing a Corporate Social Responsibility Section in the Corporate Communications Department in December 2014.

This committee is composed of 15 general managers drawn from divisional planning departments and other associated departments and is tasked with promoting CSR management. It deliberates key CSR issues within the Group, including the revision of key CSR activities, identification of material aspects in line with the Challenge 2020 Vision, and sharing and discussion of information concerning the state of action.

Matters examined by the committee are reported to the Corporate Executive Meeting and Board of Directors for deliberation and finalization as necessary.

The Corporate Social Responsibility Section acts as the committee's secretariat and works through it to encourage action across the Group to meet society's expectations as determined by public information and consultation activities, such as dialogue with stakeholders and publication of CSR reports. It also plans and organizes training sessions to raise awareness and knowledge of good CSR practice, enhance understanding of action to achieve the Challenge 2020 Vision (such as by highlighting examples of key CSR activities), and cultivate a shared vision among employees of the direction in which the Group is heading.

Structure of the CSR Promotion System

Governance Report / Corporate Governance

Working Toward Better CSR Practice

Poster showing employees at work in key activities
Poster showing employees at work in key activities
Booklet on the Tokyo Gas Group's CSR
Booklet on the Tokyo Gas Group's CSR

We are working to raise all employees' awareness of CSR in order to make them understand and practice good CSR in the course of their daily business. This is achieved both through training and by providing CSR-related information via a number of channels, including the distribution of booklets and displaying posters summarizing the Group's CSR and key activities, and publishing information on the intranet and the Group's internal newsletter.

CSR Training

Level-specific training, workplace-based training, and other forms of training are all used as opportunities to raise CSR awareness.

In March 2011, we jointly developed a CSR training card game called "CSR Every Day" with NPO Plus Arts, to provide an enjoyable means of bringing CSR closer to home for training participants and helping them think more proactively about CSR and how their work relates to society.

  • The CSR training card game "CSR Every Day" is designed to encourage individual participants to think about and express in their own words how to meet society's expectations through their daily activities.
CSR training card game "CSR Every Day"
CSR training card game "CSR Every Day"
Training programs held in FY2015
Participants Frequency/location
Level-specific training Training upon entering company, during third year, and during qualification promotions
(organized by Personnel and Compliance Depts.)
29 times
Manager training Newly appointed position holders
(organized by Personnel Dept.)
2 times
Workplace-specific training Workplaces that request training
(planned and provided by CSR Section)
9 times (including once at an affiliate)
Workshops Those interested in participating
(CSR Section invited outside instructors, planned, and organized)
1 time
Employees playing the card game
Employees playing the card game

Training session using the "CSR Every Day" card game

Workplaces have praised CSR Every Day for "enjoyably deepening our understanding of CSR" and "making it much easier to see how the company and the individual's work are intimately linked to society."

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