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Tokyo Gas's Basic Policies on Protection of Personal Information


Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd., recognizes that properly protecting and handling personal information are at the foundation of its business activities and important responsibilities of management. In fulfilling these responsibilities, Tokyo Gas has established the following policies under which Tokyo Gas makes its best efforts to protect personal information.

1. Observing laws
In addition to observing all applicable laws and regulations governing the handling of personal information, and all related, relevant laws and regulations, Tokyo Gas establishes company policies and internal rules for the protection of personal information and is continually engaged in improving them.
2. Managing personal information
Tokyo Gas takes necessary actions under relevant laws, regulations and guidance to properly manage personal information and to prevent any loss or leakage of, or unauthorized changes to, it. In addition, a person responsible for the protection of personal information is assigned at each workplace to educate and enlighten employees on the matter.
3. Obtaining and using personal information
Tokyo Gas obtains personal information in appropriate ways in order to properly and smoothly carry out its business activities. When obtaining such information, Tokyo Gas informs the person in advance of the purpose of use of his or her information, and uses the information only within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose.
4. Providing personal information to third parties
Tokyo Gas does not provide personal information to any third party without obtaining the agreement of the person involved, except when allowed to do under relevant laws, regulations or guidance, and except in certain cases of entrusting the information to parties who are not, for those purposes, deemed by law to be third parties. When so doing, Tokyo Gas selects a party able to meet and fulfill the necessary standards and obligations for managing personal information, and makes appropriate arrangements for the protection of the personal information.
5. Reviewing, correcting, etc., personal information
When a person seeks to review, correct, etc., his or her personal information, Tokyo Gas endeavors to respond to the request promptly, within reasonable limits, under law, etc., after confirming the identity of the person.
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